Deep tissue massage is a form of therapy focusing on restoring the proper tension of deep muscle layers and connective tissue.By relaxing, lengthening, eliminating adhesions and releasing persistent patterns of abnormal tension in the soft tissue systems, it reduces pain, improves flexibility and smoothness of movement, and restores the correct range of motion in the joints in the most effective and least burdensome way for the patient.

Deep massage techniques are extremely effective in the case of chronic tensions in various parts of the body e.g. in the case of a stiff neck, tension in the lower back and shoulder pain problems.

Deep tissue massage is used in such states as:

  • - pain conditions of various origins,
  • - muscle tensions and contractions,
  • - restrictions on the mobility of tissues and joints,
  • - stiff neck,
  • - back pain
  • - various types of pain residues after injuries,
  • - posture defects,
  • - fibromyalgia,
  • - Carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • - upper thoracic outlet syndrome,
  • - many others not mentioned.